• Contaminated Blood Campaign
  • Treatment is improving but access is still an issue with many victims being put to the back of the queue.
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Currently, there are several treatment regimes available depending on your genotype of Hep C.  Whether you qualify for treatment depends on your prognosis, and probably whether your treatment centre has the resources (both staff and money) to treat you.

It seems that there is an order of priority:

  1. Those with end stage liver disease, liver cancer or decompensated cirrhosis
  2. Those with early stage (compensated) cirrhosis
  3. Those with fibrosis
  4. Others

The chances of achieving a sustained virological response (SVR) are better than they used to be, from around 60% depending on a range of circumstances.  It's important to remember that SVR doesn't mean a cure.  It just means that the virus exists at such low levels that it can't be detected with current tests.  There are also new treatments in the pipeline that will offer new chances of achieving SVR.

There are lots of side effects with treatment and most are managable.  If you're going to be going onto treatment and would like information or support then you can join this Facebook page (Opens in a new window) where others will be going through the same or will have gone through the treatment and can give you support and advice.