The Story So Far

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  • In the 1970s and 1980s the Department of Health bought blood and blood products from the US where intravenous drug users, prostitutes and prison inmates were paid to donate blood known to carry a high risk of infection.
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The seventies

One unit of hepatitis infected blood, even when diluted by 10 millionths was found to infect an entire batch of pooled blood products

Throughout the 70s the use of factor concentrates to treat bleeding disorders became more widespread. At the same time, warnings of the risk of infection became stronger. Research emerged as early as 1970 showing that just one unit of blood, infected with hepatitis, even when diluted by 10 millionths, would infect an entire batch of pooled blood products.

Haemophiliacs began to die of hepatitis, yet still the warnings were ignored

Large numbers of haemophiliacs were diagnosed with Hepatitis A and B as well as what was then known as non-A non-B hepatitis (Hepatitis C) and many of them died, but still the warnings were ignored. In the US, the practice of collecting blood from prison inmates and paid 'skid row' donors who were known to carry a high risk of hepatitis infection continued, but the US Government and the manufacturers of the blood products claimed that the risk was acceptable.

Haemophiliacs cheaper than chimpanzees!

There is clear evidence that, in the late 1970s to early 1980s, haemophiliacs who had not been previously treated with human blood products were targeted in a study to find out whether they became infected with hepatitis when treated for the first time. In which case it would be necessary for these ëhuman guinea pigsí to be either people with mild bleeding disorders with a need for only occasional treatment, or very young patients. Needless to say, countless people found out later that they had been infected through treatment that could not be justified in their case e.g. for non-essential surgery or when a safer clotting agent could have been used. Tragically, countless people died as a result of this study because they were infected with HIV and/or hepatitis. Many of them were young children and young adults. There is shocking evidence that humans were used in these studies because chimpanzees had become too expensive!

None of the victims were warned of the dangers

Production of these high risk blood products continued and they were labelled with a warning of the risk. Strange then, that the UK Department of Health bought blood and blood products from the US, duly labelled with warnings yet none of the recipients were informed of the risk. Strange also that our Government repeatedly deny responsibility for infecting around 5,000 people with deadly diseases.