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So they think we're stupid

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Contaminated Blood Campaign (CBC) think the reason for the government's stalling is that, despite the death toll being about two and a half thousand already, that is not enough for them. They want even more to die before they offer a fair financial support package. (That's if they have any intention of ever doing anything at all!)

In 2014, the Prime Minister, David Cameron, told one of his constituents "Give me 6 months to sort it out". That was over a year ago. So what have they been doing for the last year and a bit? WAITING FOR THE PENROSE REPORT! Or so they said.

Having fobbed the long suffering victims off, first with a promise to sort it out in six months, then a promise of a review after publication of the Penrose Report, they kept us waiting a further four months before saying the terms of reference of the Penrose Inquiry did not include financial support for those affected. So why did they say they couldn't take action until Penrose reported? Do they really think we might believe that they had no idea of what the terms of reference of the Inquiry included? The statement says "...any reform plans must be carefully considered before a consultation can be launched."  But they have already had years to consider plans.

In recent weeks in the House of Commons, when asked by MPs when the statement will be released, Ministers have taunted the victims by laughingly repeating that it will be 'soon'.  But they knew all along that the statement would contain absolutely nothing to bring the victims closure, or even a promise of closure.

It is now blatantly clear that David Cameron and his Ministers and Civil Servants at the Department of Health have no respect and no compassion whatsoever for the long suffering victims of this tragedy and no remorse for the wrong doings of their predecessors. They think the people who they infected with deadly diseases are a bunch of complete idiots who will fall for their endless broken promises, lies and stalling tactics. 

MR CAMERON, WE ARE NOT FOOLS, so stop fobbing us off with lies and deceit.

The NHS used us for experimentation purposes when chimpanzees became too expensive, but that does not mean we are of lower intelligence than apes.

We will not give up fighting for truth and justice.

Time to step up the campaign!