Extra-hepatic Manifestations

  • Contaminated Blood Campaign
  • A Canadian study in 2008 estimated the health costs of HCV. The study found that liver related costs were low in proportion to the total.
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A clear link between HCV and Type 2 diabetes, regardless of whether liver damage is present or not, is reported in HCV Advocate.   HCV makes people three to four times more likely to develop Type 2 diabetes, as reported in an article entitled'Link Between Hepatitis C And Insulin Resistance Surprises Scientists' and published in Medical News Today in March 2010. 

Insulin Resistance

An article in Science Daily states: "The extra insulin resistance caused by Hepatitis C apparently brings on diabetes at 35 or 40, instead of 65 or 70."  The article is based on a recent report Gastroenterology 2010.