Campaign Aims

  • Contaminated Blood Campaign
  • The aim of this website is to campaign for justice and a settlement for all.
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Campaign aims

1Primarily and urgently CBC will campaign for the distinction between the so-called two stages of Hepatitis C Virus (HCV) infection to be removed. This unfounded distinction prevented around 80% of victims from claiming the small amount of financial assistance awarded in the Government review of January 2011.

At the same time, CBC shall continue to campaign for the following:

2A full judicial public inquiry, with all the power of the law to call upon those responsible for the disaster to give evidence under oath to determine who was responsible. Without this, it is impossible for Government to gain from lessons learnt and prevent similar disasters in the future.
Comprehensive, routine health checks and care that take into account the full range of health defects linked to HCV in addition to liver disease.
Provision of medical permit cards, enabling access to priority medical treatment in all aspects of healthcare, with assurance of funding for the best treatment options available. This should extend to all those infected with any disease through contaminated blood and/or blood products.
Full financial compensation for the suffering and financial hardship caused by infections contracted through blood and blood products - to be awarded to those infected, as well as any family members whose lives have been affected.

1It is crucial that the Government acknowledge the fact that hepatitis C is much more than liver disease ñ a fact confirmed in the research consulted by their own expert panel, but disregarded by the Government in the review. Most HCV sufferers are prevented from reaching their full earning potential, not necessarily because of liver damage, but because of the numerous extra-hepatic manifestations they struggle with. The two-staged criteria must be removed as a priority while we work towards our ultimate goal of full and fair compensation for all. Otherwise, future assessments will be based on that same, flawed criteria, leaving the ëstage oneí group continuing to struggle with financial hardship caused by their ill-health.

2One of the failings of both the Archer and Penrose Inquiries was that they did not have the jurisdiction to call upon all witnesses deemed necessary to establish the full truth. Furthermore, the Archer did not, and the Penrose will not, apportion blame, where failings were identified.