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  • Contaminated Blood Campaign
  • A potted history of the Contaminated Blood Campaign website
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This website was created in 2011 by three members of a family who are affected by contaminated blood. One of them was a founder member of the CBC campaign group and was the author of almost all the original content. Her son has always provided web hosting for the site at his own expense. All three have played a part in building, maintaining and updating the site.

When ties were cut with the remaining CBC committee in 2015, the committee declined an offer from us to hand the site over to them along with guidance on its maintenance.

The site is an invaluable source of information for contaminated blood victims, the media and the general public, as testified by the significant amount of traffic it generates. Its loss would almost certainly have a negative impact on the wider community of contaminated blood victims. For those reasons, a decision was made by the website owners in January 2016 to continue hosting and maintenance of the website for the foreseeable future.