2016 Consultation

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  • Another missed opportunity for the government to right decades of wrongs. Rather than coming closer to a settlement for all, they have chosen to actually make things much worse for the majority of victims.
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After many months delay, the government's promised consultation process has started.  It followed an announcement in the House of Commons by Jane Ellison and has been denounced by pretty much everyone in the community.

In October 2015, 5 people each from the Haemophilia Society, CBC and Tainted Blood plus 3 from Wales gathered in a room in London with an independent facilitator.  We spent the day answering 4 questions posed by the Department of Health.  There was no representative from the Department of Health and the facilitator's remit was to document the discussions we had.

We were then sent the record of this meeting to check its accuracy before it went back to the Department of Health.

The announcement and proposed changes do not reflect, in any way, what was recorded at the preliminary meeting.  The government have ignored the opinions of the 18 people there and done exactly what they want.

31st January 2016:
Current opinion across the campaign groups is that people SHOULD NOT take part in the consultation at this stage whilst the legal implications are looked into.  That is to say, we have three months to complete the process and we need to wait a few weeks to ensure that what we do now is going to be the right thing.

We'll update this as more information becomes available.

If you'd like to take part in the discussion for this, you can join a group on Facebook (Opens in a new window) that is dedicated to the consultation issues.