A Horror Story!

  • Contaminated Blood Campaign
  • Blood was collected from some of the most vile criminals on earth and haemophiliacs were used, without consent or warning, as guinea pigs to find out whether deadly infections were passed on

The Campaign for Justice


The Contaminated Blood Campaign exists to fight for justice for all of those affected by the atrocious actions of the UK Government and Department of Health in the 1970s and 1980s which resulted in thousands of people being infected with life-threatening viruses such as Hepatitis C and HIV.  The aim of this website is to provide a focus for that fight for justice and a central point for support and information for all of the infected and their families.

2016 Consultation Exercise

The government have announced proposals for a new system of begging bowls.

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Treatment Support

Treatment is getting better but access is still limited. Find out more about Hepatitis C treatment and how to get support

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38degrees orange

The Haemophilia Society has a number of serious concerns about the new proposals. Far from delivering the vital reforms needed by those affected, the majority of people currently receiving financial support will be worse off under the new scheme.

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2015 Legal Action - Update

In 2015, it was announced that Leigh Day were starting legal proceedings using 3 victims to sue the government under the disability discrimination act.

This was based on the claim that Hepatitis C sufferers had been discriminated against compared to HIV sufferers.

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contaminated blood dead

The government have lied and cheated their way through 30 years, watching victims die at the rate of one every month. Once we're all dead then their problem is very much solved!

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